I Am Darren Grover, expert CRM consultant

My focus is adding value to your organization.

  • Sales, marketing, and service process design
  • CRM configuration and customization
  • Continuous business delivery model


Close to 20 years of entrepreneurship experience with small businesses and franchising. I am 10 year CRM Consultant turned freelancer.  I have found my niche and passion with CRM Chief Consulting.  

I help managers and business owners get most of their CRM processes, using technologies that work.  

Here is brief summary of my experience below:

CRM Chief Consulting (3+ years - present)

  • Founded 2019
  • Helped hundreds of teams do CRM better 
  • Config/Customization, Business Process Design, Strategy, Training, Coaching, CRM Admin, Sales-Service-Marketing
  • Independent consulting focused on technologies that work
    • Hubspot
      • Zapier
      • Aircall
      • MessageSMS
      • Jotform
      • ActivateCampaign
      • Mailchimp
      • Constant Contact
    • Dynamics 365 CRM
      • PowerAutomate
      • Sales, Customer Service
      • Marketing
      • PowerBI, PowerApps

Microsoft Partner Channel (8+ years)

  • Worked for #1 D365 CRM partner
  • Implemented hundreds of CRM's
  • Enterprise large scale Solution Architect
  • Small-medium business project portfolio

Franchising (5+ years)

  • Recruited, qualified, hired, developed, trained franchise owners on every aspect of operating residential-based construction business
  • Systems focused on sales, service, marketing
  • Owned and operated my own franchises
  • Achieved top 10 customer service and sales metrics across 400+ international franchises.


CRM Chief Consulting

  • Key Milestone: In 2022 we serviced over 50 clients.
    • 22 Sales implementations
    • 10 Marketing teams
    • 8 Customer Service setups
    • Rest were some combination or use of CRM.
  • Key project to date: Online Application Processing CRM for government use.
    • Submission of applications online with CC payment
    • Manage entire process in CRM
    • Automatic e-signature and digital securing of documents
    • Internal approval processes
    • Generation of secure documents to issue to customer
    • Document scanning application for public use to verify documents
  • Hubspot Certified Partner
  • Microsoft Certifications in D365 dating back to 2012

Microsoft Partner Channel

  • Key project: For the largest employer in the State of Minnesota - I was CRM Solution Architect for 4 years.  We deployed CRM across the enterprise (over 60 departments) utilizing all aspects of Microsoft CRM technology.  
    • Delivered CRM to the enterprise
    • Led 15+ consultants on-site to deliver CRM continuous
    • Deployed CRM to dozens of call centers
    • Sales/Service/Marketing across enterprise
  • Other key experience: This is where I learned CRM starting in 2012.  I managed a portfolio of CRM clients for 4 years.
    • Serviced hundreds of CRM's
    • Provided strategy and consulting
    • CRM Admin duties
    • Maintained portfolio ongoing up to 30 clients at a time.

General Manager - College Pro

  • Recruited, developed and trained franchise owners to operate their own seasonal construction business
  • Coached on core skills - Selling, Interviewing, Coaching, Financials, Marketing, Customer Service, Conflict Resolution, Priority Management, Sales Goal Setting, Leadership
  • Responsible for three state area - recruiting and developing franchisees in targeted geographic turfs
  • Developed multiple franchisees into top producers and advance within the company
  • Responsible for recruiting 120+ employees to operate seasonal franchises.

Franchise Owner - College Pro

  • During and after my college summers, operated seasonal construction business.
  • Operated with 15 employees
  • Sales - developed and operated multiple 6-figure revenues
  • Marketing - executed grass roots tactics including deploying teams of canvassers, cold callers, signs, and outbound calling
  • Service - completed jobs for hundreds and hundreds of clients. Maintaining 95% plus satisfaction



Franchise Coaching

This is probably where I have grown the most in my life.  Entering the 2008 job market (graduating college) during the worst economic recession in a lifetime - was challenging to say the least.  With nothing to lose I took an advanced role within College Pro to work as General Manager and develop other franchisees.  This was really just running a much larger business than I had before.  

The prospect of running a franchise did not guarantee a student a summer income.  If they failed they may even lose money.  This was quite a barrier when every mom/dad is telling their college student to do something 'safe' (get an internship, get a 'job', etc), due to the economic circumstances.  Yet, we fought through and over the next three years I successfully recruited/developed and coached 35+ students to become business owners. 

Of all my experience - it was during these tough years that have helped me the most in my consulting career.  Do the right thing, think team, always add value.  This real-world MBA experience set me on path of entrepreneurship and passion to help others.

Franchise ownership

It was TOUGH!  Marketing and selling occurred all spring starting in February (snow on the ground here).  Before May I would hire crews and start training on actual jobsites.  We would continue marketing, selling, and producing work through August.  Hiring was constant - as turnover was a real part of the business.  Managing the weekly cashflow of in and out and making payroll.  The break even would not come until the last weeks of summer.  That was the most fun, often burned out, and ready for a 'break' once school started in September.  We would shut it down and start back up again in February.


If I could offer one piece of advice to todays youth - it would be to go learn a trade.  If you learn a skill, you can always put food on the table.  I stumbled into my first trade skill.  On the look for more summer work - I got a job for local College Pro franchisee - a student running summer business.  Over the next two summers I learned a trade, became job site manager, and also took extra training to learn about franchising.  By junior year, I took on my first franchise and never looked back.  

First 'real' jobs

I tried at all the local fast food places and no one would hire me (15 years old).  Finally, it was McDonalds that took a chance - and I worked weekends during high school.  Usually 16 hours (8 hours Saturday and Sunday).  I learned about customer service and punctuality.

That job led me to the next best job I could find - telemarketing.  In our small town, we had a dusty office the operated as an outbound call center, asking for donations for non-profits and political PACs.  This is where I first learned the inter workings of call center.

Hard work ethic

I learned early on the value of the dollar and hard work.  Growing up in rural area, I spent early years looking for any work I could.  Picking rock or strawberries, staining a deck, pulling out docks.  

What Others Say


"Darren was extremely helpful in helping our small business start learning how to use our CRM. He's very responsive and was able to complete the updates we needed quickly. He will be our go-to when we need help in the future. Thanks, Darren!"

Katie M, Digital Marketer,
July 2022

Services Availed:

CRM Lifesaver and Monthly CRM-Admin-in-a-can

“Exactly what we needed.”

"Darren was indispensable in moving us to the next level of marketing. Prior to engaging with Darren, we had an inchoate plan, a disorganized CRM database, and no long-term direction. Darren's CRM skills, familiarity with available tools, and marketing acumen were exactly what we needed."

Keith F, Digital Marketer,
July 2022

Services Availed:

Marketing, Finance

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